Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Someone cares

Tributes have continued to flow in for L’Wren, the girlfriend of musician Mick Jagger, who committed suicide recently. 

His spokesman said he was  "completely shocked and devastated by the news."

 Who wouldn’t be? I can imagine him say “why did she do this, didn’t she know I loved her”

Think of how devastated you would be if your loved one committed suicide. You would ask “why didn’t he come to me?” But maybe he had been doing that for a long time, but you were too busy or impatient to notice. You would feel guilty when it becomes too late.

People are not as unbreakable or as strong as we think. People need help and many are hurting with no one to turn to for fear of rejection.

If you are one such person, you are not alone. I have been there and I truly understand how lonely and scared you are. 

Know this, you are special and there is Someone who wants to bind you up. There is Someone who thinks the world of you. There is Someone who is ‘crazy’ about you. 

Please don’t think you are useless and no one cares. God cares! Jesus truly does! God loves you, HE understands why you do the things you do and HE has not given up on you. He believes in you and know you can rise again. He has walked in your shoes before, He understands your frailty, He knows how much and why you are hurting.

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