Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Even this one!

Some years ago I got a family member to teach me how to drive in Nigeria. On this particular day while I was behind the steering wheel with the windows down and my teacher beside me, I overheard an annoying remark. 

A young man walking close by said with contempt, “Every one wants to drive these days, even this one!”

You have to understand that in Nigeria, driving is not seen as a necessity, but a luxury. So when this young man made his remark, he was basically saying I was unworthy of such luxury. I almost mowed him down! How dare he! Thankfully, I ignored him.

Like this young man, many people judge us based on how we look or where we are coming from. They wonder, sometimes loudly,
“how come some one like this is so blessed?”
“Everyone wants to be a preacher these days!”
“She’s a sinner (or she’s poor, he’s not as educated as me, etc), and should not accomplish this!” etc

At such times, it’s easy to get upset or even feel unworthy of such blessings. Paying attention to these naysayers could also hinder us from fulfilling our purpose on earth. Because instead of depending on God who has called us, we disqualify ourselves due to our limitations and faults.

But that’s not how God wants us to act. He knew us, with our strengths and weaknesses, even before He chose us. And He delights to bless us, not because we are really worthy, but because He loves us. You might want to read more about how God loves us like a mother loves her baby here

There is no one higher or better than you. While people may classify us based on our gender, race, social status, etc, God views all of us as equal.
With this realization of how deep God’s love is for us, I believe it empowers and liberates us to be all He has called us to be. No longer do we need to feel validated or approved by people to do something different, we already have the Almighty’s approval on us!

Besides God loves to use the people that are often seen as unworthy. Such people know better to lean on Him than themselves.

And perhaps you may have sneered at some ‘low class’ person who was trying to be something. You may have even rejected someone because the person did not fit into your definition of what such a person should look like. Don’t make the mistake of the Jews. They rejected the Messiah because He didn’t look the part.

The same God who has blessed you is the same one who made the person who does not have as much. Remember that everyone of us is special to Him and is worthy. Whatever treatment you offer to the least person (your house girl/boy, guard, child’s nanny, your subordinates, employees, etc ) is what you give to Him.

I pray God helps us to be more loving especially to those who are not as fortunate as we are. Amen.

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