Thursday, 23 January 2014

Is that really a God-given opportunity?

The other day I was reading about David and one of the things that stood out
about this young man was his humility. You see David, the youngest son of Jesse, had been anointed King, instead of his older brothers.

Even though he had the anointing and spirit of God upon him as Israel’s new king, he didn’t let that get into his head. He still went out to take care of his father’s sheep, and served in the current king’s (Saul) service as a musician and armour–bearer.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wanting to be like the Joneses

Today I read an interesting passage from the Bible, the book of 1 Samuel chapter 8.
This chapter basically tells us the request of the Israelites for a King. Their main reason for wanting a king was so they could be like the other nations.

When Prophet Samuel who had been leading them all along tried to make them understand the consequences of having a king, they refused to bulge. The consequences of having a king were not trivial because a king would essentially enslave them. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Made for a time as this

The story of Esther in the Bible is one many Christians are very familiar with. It is a story of how God delivered His people from certain death at the hands of Haman, because Queen Esther a Jew, made a courageous move to save them.

If we trace the outline of the story from chapters one to ten, we realise that in God’s scheme of things, nothing happens by chance. Do you think it was by chance that Queen Vashti was deposed when she became too proud to honour King Xerxes order.
Was it by chance that Esther, the orphan cousin of Mordecai, was selected out of the many beautiful ladies by King Xerxes, as his new Queen?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The responsibility of a blessing

Happy New Year friends! Hope you had a refreshing time with your family and friends during the Christmas and New Year celebrations/holidays. 

With every new year, it is typical for people to pray for all kinds of blessings. I did and I guess you did as well. But do you know that for every blessing we receive, we need to be accountable and responsible?

Some years ago when my husband and I were trying for a baby, we prayed for God to bless us with a child. It took more than a year before I could get pregnant.