Saturday, 2 November 2013

The ‘Whispers’ of God

In the book of 1 Kings chapter 19 verses 11-12, God reveals Himself to Prophet Elijah in a still small voice. In the previous verses, we find Elijah feeling depressed and overwhelmed by the threat of death from Queen Jezebel. 

After getting refreshed by God, he journeyed to Mount Horeb, where God appeared to him. It is noteworthy that God did not appear in the mighty wind that tore the rocks to pieces. Neither did He appear in the earthquake or the fire that followed; but in a still small voice.

What is my point? Sometimes God does not reveal Himself in mighty acts, but in simple everyday day activities that we could easily take for granted. The other day I felt God reveal Himself to me in a rainbow. I’d been having a tough time for a couple of days. I was feeling misunderstood and my hormones/thoughts were all over the place. To worsen matters I felt alone and could not confide in anyone because I didn’t know what their reactions would be. Of course I prayed and cried to God for help. I also spoke words of faith and quoted Bible verses, but sometimes the dark cloud may linger a while.

So on this particular day, while doing the dishes in the kitchen and looking out through the window to the backyard garden, I noticed a spectacular rainbow. It looked like it was just over my garden. As soon as I saw that rainbow sitting in my garden (it seemed so), this thought just dropped into my head “this rainbow is just to remind you that I am here with you.”
I knew it was the Lord encouraging me and reminding me of His Presence and nearness.  It was a very tangible demonstration of His great love and I became ‘normal’ afterwards.

I think the Lord is always near us, but we so often miss Him because sometimes we expect Him to show up in great and mighty ways. It may be through something as common as the smile of a stranger or the laughter or spontaneous hug from your child. It could even be you getting home just before the rain starts, or receiving a call from a loved one. Regardless of how small it is, don’t take the everyday mundane for granted. Because somewhere in these ‘insignificant’ things, God may just be whispering “I love you and want you to know I’m always close by.”

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  1. Very inspiring, very true, Thanks for sharing

  2. am very inspired by your blog,thank God i found you in bella naija.i can relate to this story very well.sometimes last year i was very depressed and sad after finding a mistake on my waec result that could expel me from school,i sat down thinking how to explain to my family,all the hardwork i put in school,having the best results to the envy of my classmates,i was nicknamed the girl without any school wahala.if only they knew.i couldn,t compromise my faith by sleeping with a man that will make it go away.i was just telling God not to let me down oh cus the disgrace will be on him too.and then came this black butterfly with purple spotted colors,so beautiful that i felt peace instantly and i knew God got my back on so happy and still dumbfounded that i have been cleared and isssued my statement of result without stress or been expelled.God is awesome

    1. Wow, wonderful testimony! It's true, God wants us to have peace regardless of what our circumstances are.Very happy for you, may God continue to cause you to excel.

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  3. Hello Theresa. I really enjoyed your piece on entitlement on Bella Naija. How did you get it published? Thanks.

    1. Hello UnykWonder, thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.
      About the article published on BellaNaija, well I have been writing for them for some time now on a freelance basis.
      The first time I wrote for them, it was an article on "Ending the road carnage in Nigeria", after that they asked me to register with them to send them articles regularly.

      If you want to write for them, send them an article using this email address: and you might just get yours published. All the best, happy new year!