Saturday, 16 November 2013

The ‘distraction’ of wealth

Speak to many Christians today and they will be quick to tell you how blessed they are
because of the financial or material blessings they have. Many Christians actually pay their tithes or do charitable works just for that reason alone.  But do you know that wealth or material blessings can be a distraction instead of a blessing?

The Bible tells us in Matthew 4:1-11, that Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness. One of those temptations was the offer of fame and wealth if Jesus would forfeit His purpose on earth and worship him (the devil) instead.

You must realise that the one thing the devil fears most is not a rich Christian, but a Christian who knows his or her purpose on earth. The devil is terrified of that and will try everything to lure you away from fulfilling your destiny on earth. He will offer you wealth, fame, pleasure,… all the things that would naturally appeal to any mortal. But like baits, these things are just to capture you and render you ineffective to God.

The devil loves darkness and ignorance and thrives in such situations. That was why he tried to distract Jesus from His purpose: salvation and deliverance of the captives. As
long as God’s people are ignorant of who they are and how mighty their impact can be felt in people’s lives, the devil can continue to wreck destruction and havoc unchecked.

You must understand that wealth and fame are not bad in themselves, but the love for these things, especially to the detriment of our faith, makes them bad. Many Christians have compromised their faith and offended many others, in their desperation for wealth.

And so I urge you, desire true wealth, not just material wealth. True wealth is that which comes from walking in the will of God and fulfilling His plans for your life. It is only by doing this that you will have real and lasting peace. Some of the richest people in the world are also some of the most miserable folks. Financial wealth does not satisfy; don’t be deceived. 

Please don’t sacrifice what is truly important on the altar of greed. Remember, "a man's (or woman's) life does not consist in what he or she possesses" - Luke 12:15

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