Saturday, 9 November 2013

Enjoying the journey to your destination

Some months ago I decided to go back to paid employment. I got a couple of new work clothes and justified my shopping as an ‘investment’. After applying to a couple of places, I got invited for an interview in an organization I really wanted. I prepared hard, but sadly I didn’t get the job. The same thing happened over and over again in other organizations. 

One day as I was organizing my wardrobe, I decided to remove my new work clothes from the hangers to keep them in my suitcase, away from view. As I folded the clothes, I thought sadly to myself “I’ll leave them there until I get a job.”

No sooner had that thought left my mind than another more powerful thought seemed to shout back at me “ No way, you are going to wear those clothes until you get a job!”  

You see I really loved those clothes and wanted to wear them as soon as I got them. But somehow I told myself to wait until I got a job. And now that a new job was getting increasingly tough to come by, it felt like I would never get to wear the clothes.  I tried to reason with myself why I didn’t need to wear the clothes. In the end I finally decided to wear them, job or no job. I truly enjoyed myself in the process.

Like me, I know of people who put their lives on hold, while waiting for something. It might be a better job, or a spouse or children, etc. They feel there is no need to enjoy their lives because it is not yet perfect and their prayers have not yet been answered. I remember a dear friend some years ago who was desperate for a baby. She practically halted her career because according to her “what’s the point of climbing up the career ladder when I don’t have a child?” Of course I understood where she was coming from, but I don’t think God wants us to do that.

I think God wants us to enjoy everyday of our lives; in good times and in bad times. I think He wants us to live in the quiet assurance that He is in control of our lives and has got our back. The Bible tells us in 1Peter 5:7 “Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” To cast here means to abandon our worries and fears on the Lord, knowing that He is more than able to do above and beyond what
we could ever imagine.

I think of little kids, how free and trusting they are. They never doubt their parents when they promise them something good. You will never find a child sitting alone and worried, refusing to eat his food because he doubts his mom will fulfil her promise. On the contrary, the child carries on with his happy self, playing and even telling his friends how his mom has promised him a new set of toys. He enjoys himself while waiting for his mom to fulfil her promise whenever she is ready.

It’s no wonder Jesus encourages us to behave as little kids, to look with expectation and yet with confidence that He is able to fulfil His promises in our lives. So I encourage you today: enjoy your life, as you wait in anticipation. Your Father cares about you, He will supply all your needs at His appointed time. No amount of complaining or self-inflicted suffering will make Him answer you earlier than He intended. Just trust His timing and ways are for your good and enjoy the waiting period with a positive attitude.

In case you are wondering how to do this, let me make some really simple suggestions. You can listen to good music, dance to your favourite song, listen to some good clean jokes, invite friends over for lunch/dinner. Eat something really nice. Do things you really like. Indulge in some “Me Time”. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy yourself.

Life is really a gift, that’s why we call today "the present". Don’t make the mistake of wasting it while waiting for something ‘better’.  Remember life is a journey, not a destination. May God bless you and help you understand how much He loves you and wants you to enjoy your everyday life, amen.

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  1. This is an outstanding piece! Very apt! Life should be lived everyday with the hope that tomorrow will be better. That is what Faith is about. That is why we have a God. That is why we worship a God.
    Keep it up, Tessy. This is indeed good!

  2. Thanks wivesroundtable for your encouraging words, I totally agree with your comment.