Sunday, 27 October 2013

What are you thankful for?

It’s tempting to complain about the many things that are not quite right in our lives. Our boring jobs, the spouse who is not as helpful as we would like, the children that seem determined to make us go insane, the annoying boss, the annoying friend… just about everything has a way of robbing our joy, if we let it.

But in the midst of these, we can still be thankful for the things that are going very well in our lives: our health, the health and lives of our loved ones, the opportunity to even have a family or a job, etc. There are indeed many reasons to be thankful.

I think of a Nigerian artiste who recently appealed for public donations to enable him afford a kidney transplant. The money needed was too much for him and his family to afford alone, so they appealed for help. And here we are, with both kidneys functioning very well, same thing with our hearts, spleen, lungs, ...,  we do not have death staring us in the face like this young man. And he is not the only one, everyday people are diagnosed with incurable illnesses, people are made redundant, people get divorced, people experience the death of a loved one, yet in the midst of all that, we are spared from all that anguish.
I encourage you today, be thankful for what you have, however humble it may appear, because there are so many people who will give everything to get it. if you think you have nothing to be thankful about, be thankful you are alive, be thankful you are not on a waiting list hoping for an organ transplant. Be thankful you have people who love you and who you love too.

May this thankful spirit give you a new lease of life this week and fill you with hope for greater things to come. Remember God is not moved by our complaints and grumbling, but by our faith. And faith is anchored on a thankful heart.

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