Saturday, 5 October 2013

Not another blog please!!!

I never intended to write a blog. I was one of those who wondered why 'everyone' seemed to be blogging all of a sudden. And because I try not to follow trends, I banished the thought when a friend innocently asked me to start one, about two years ago.
So what happened? 
Well, I enjoy visiting some some blogs and websites. But they seem to focus on either entertainment news, government blunders, or crime. After a while I started getting tired of celebrity gossip and scandals as well as stories of the government’s inabilities and unprovoked criminal attacks. I noticed I was getting really fearful and critical and my attitude was affecting my life. And I wasn’t the only one. Many of the visitors who comment on these websites seem the same. Thankfully I started listening to more positive messages online and I began to think better and act better.

As I saw how different I felt and even acted, I though it would be nice to share this same positive, godly messages I have been blessed to receive. I didn’t think it would be fair for me to hoard this wonderful life-giving message of God’s love. I also know that not many people have access to fast broadband to be able to enjoy the videos. So I decided to fill in the gap.

And that really is the purpose of this blog: to inspire us and motivate us to think right, speak right and act right, to the glory of God. The Bible has lots of verses on thinking and behaviour. The way a
person thinks is the way he/she will ultimately act. If our hearts are full of fear, bitterness, envy, pride and unfair criticism, there is no way we will be able to live the kind of lives we were created for. Sadly the world we live in will always tempt us to do just that especially with the stories we read and hear. The only way to remain firm and strong is to fill our hearts with the right stuff. I’m not saying we shouldn’t read the news or visit some blogs and websites, I still do. But we should strive to balance it with something refreshing, inspirational and godly.

Some of the things I talk about and will be talking about are not entirely new. They are just reminders to encourage us. I have not arrived yet, I am also learning daily from the posts I blog about and from others. I look forward to your comments hoping that we will all learn together and like iron, sharpen each other. So I thank you for stopping by, I believe that as we take the time to know God and honour Him, He will give us grace and wisdom to know His good and perfect will for our lives.

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  1. This is very encouraging.............quite a breath of fresh air to see a blog that's different from the usual gossip, worldly entertainment and genereally "not-edifying" stories we are used to. will definitely bookmark and share to other people like me who are interested in some godly positives.