Saturday, 31 August 2013

Peace ... even in the storm !

The story of Jesus in the boat napping during a storm is a popular one in Christianity. It often seems strange that Jesus would be sleeping at such a perilous moment. In fact his disciples were so confused by this that they cried out to him “ don’t you care that we perish?” 

I recently found that we can exhibit the same calmness no matter how big or small the storm is in our everyday lives. Just few days ago, I went shopping and discovered to my horror that I didn’t have enough money in my cash card to pay for my purchases.
It was even more embarrassing because there were customers waiting for me to finish. To worsen matters, one of them started berating me for being so disorganized…argh! He was right though
But surprise, surprise, I was as cool as a cucumber! Now I am not normally cool at all, I especially dislike embarrassing situations. I become flustered, nervous, anxious…name it! But on this particular occasion, I was Madam Cool! Thankfully I had some small cash in my purse which I used to pay for some of the purchases.

As I reflected later on how I managed that chaotic situation, I knew without a  doubt that it was God’s grace that helped me. I believe God wants us to have peace regardless of what our situation is. It is the one thing He has given us, but we can choose to receive it or not. It makes no sense to walk in strife, anxiety, or stress when there is a better and healthier alternative.

So I encourage you, walk in peace daily. There will be trying times, some of them caused by our actions or inactions, but nevertheless we can enjoy peace.  This peace can be enjoyed by anyone who will make regular fellowship with God.  It is His delight to make us live peaceful happy lives, but will we let Him help us?


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