Monday, 19 August 2013

Free to be ME!

One of the quickest ways to feel sad and lose our peace is to start comparing ourselves with others. Don’t do it, it just sends your emotions on a nose-dive.
I can’t begin to count the number of times I have done that in the past. It is worse when you are comparing yourself with your mates who appear more successful in a particular area. I think as human beings, we will all struggle with that at one point in time or another. I wish I could say I have totally overcome it, but once in a while it happens, and then I have to renew my mind again. 
It really helps to remember that we are each very unique.
We all have temperaments, dreams, past experiences, skills, strengths and weaknesses, etc, that make us very unique.

Just because you were born the same year as your friends, or graduated at the same time, doesn’t necessarily mean that you all will accomplish the same milestones. Run your race, be the best YOU that you can be. Don’t compete with another person, compete with yourself. 
You are not successful because you are better than others; no, you are successful when you are fulfilled in using your talents to the maximum  and being a blessing to those around you.
When you realise that, you become free to pursue your passion, unhindered by the fear of failure or competition. You realise that you have something unique to offer the world.  When life is over, God will not ask you why you were not like your father, or like your sister, or like your classmate…No, He will ask you “what did you do with the gifts I gave you?”

So I encourage you dear friends, go out today happy with yourself, braced to be the best you can be. And if you don’t achieve all your goals today, please don’t feel sorry for yourself and give up. Dust yourself up, learn from your mistakes and go out again tomorrow. You are too useful to give up. The world needs you; there will never be anyone again like you. You are SPECIAL, please don’t deny the world the wonderful gift of YOU.

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