Saturday, 17 August 2013

Does sex really sell?

If you are not an alien, you must have heard the expression ‘sex sells”. We see it everyday from the models in adverts to the musicians who wear skimpy outrageous clothes to promote their albums. These musicians and indeed artistes are usually female and seem to have lots of fans, who not only love their music but also their ‘sexy’ looks. There is a huge pressure on new female artistes entering the industry to adopt the trend. This phenomenon is sadly worldwide, not just in developed countries. In my motherland Nigeria, which is a developing country, I see young media personalities and new ‘celebs’ and even ordinary young girls trying to imitate their Western counterparts. To them it is being modern and very 21st century-ish to post their bikini or lingerie pictures on social media.

 It is very encouraging and heart-warming to see other celebrities who refuse to demean themselves this way. I admire artistes like Emeli Sanda, Indi Arie, Adele and many others who have stoutly refused to be defined by the pressure of the industry. They confirm that talent, not sex sells. Their concerts are a sell-out, their albums have won awards and their fans love them. But above all they have the dignity of knowing they are not commodities for sale, but beautiful and
talented women, who are proud to be daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives.

So dear friends, remember the way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you. If you think you’ve got it and want to flaunt it, remember you are more than that. You are a talented person with a great personality, talents, and family. You are more than your body. Don’t let the pressure of the industry make you do things you never bargained for. Other ladies have remained relevant without succumbing; you too can do the same.

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