Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Personalized Miracles

I have often heard people pray for God to do for them what He did for others. That is not really a bad prayer, but the danger is we try to dictate to God how He should deal with us. We forget that God knows what is best for us, and He relates with us on a personal basis. He knows what our strengths and weaknesses are, He knows our personalities, experiences, and He sure knows areas in our lives that need pruning. So when He does things for us, He personalizes it in accordance to His will for us.

Remember in the Bible, when Jesus healed people, He didn’t always do it in the same way.
  • For one blind man, Jesus spat on the ground, made mud with his saliva, rubbed it on the man’s eyes, and asked him to go wash in the Pool of Siloam. The man received his healing afterwards. 
  • For blind Bartimeaus, Jesus only said to him “Go, your eyes are healed, because of your faith” and instantly he could see again. 
  • Another blind at Bethsaida received his healing in a different way.  Jesus simply spat on his eyes and laid hands on him, but the man still couldn’t see properly. He said he saw people walking like trees. It wasn’t until Jesus laid hands on him again that he could see clearly.
What is my point? God deals with us personally. Don’t worry yourself unnecessarily if God doesn’t answer your prayer the way He answered your friend. He alone knows what is best for you. Rest in Him, confident that whatever He does is for your best. He is our loving father who wants to enrich our lives. Whatever He does and however He does it is meant for our benefit. 

So what do we do if He seems to be taking longer to answer our prayers than we would like?
  • Ask Him for grace to wait for His will. 
  • Trust Him that He knows what He is doing.  
  • Thank Him for being a loving father who will not withhold good gifts from you.   
  • Go out and be a blessing to others. Don’t focus too much on yourself and what you don’t have yet, rather help those who are hurting and who have far less than you do. It will give you something to do and give you a better perspective of how blessed you are.
May God bless and keep you. Peace!

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