Thursday, 22 May 2014

The threat of knowledge

By now the whole world has heard of the abductions of girls from a secondary school in Chibok, a town in Borno state in Nigeria. This is not the only time Boko Haram has attacked a school.

They had slaughtered 59 male students in Buni Yadi in February and had attacked schools in Mamudo and Gujba towns killing more than a hundred teenagers. Like their name suggests, western education is sinful. But why?

You see, these terrorists realise that the moment these kids become educated, they would be difficult to brain wash.

Western education will give them the skills to think critically and not just accept whatever lies a hate-filled imam says. If you know anything about Nigeria you know that the north has always been easily incited to kill Christians and non-Muslims over the slightest of excuses. This volatile situation coupled with their illiteracy, which by the way is self inflicted by their religion, has made the area economically worse off. Education is their only hope, but it frightens Islamists because it will make them relinquish their control.

In just the same way the enemy of your soul wants you ignorant of what God’s purpose is for your life. He wants you to believe the lies he feeds you via the media, the society, even through some false prophets masquerading as the clergy.As long as he can keep you ignorant of  God's will, he can control you.

The only way out of the destruction of your soul is knowledge! Endeavour to know the truth and to seek knowledge relentlessly. In this world of today where deception is on high levels, you cannot afford to remain blind. Your destiny and your very life depend on knowing the truth. No one can do it for you, you will have to do it yourself. You might want to read up more on this here

Remember friends, you and only you will give account of your life. Your mother will not, neither will your dad or pastor/imam or friends. You alone will. Therefore pursue knowledge so that you can be all God intends you to be. An ignorant Christian is easily destroyed by the devil who roams around looking for whom it may devour - 1 Peter 5:8. Arm yourself with knowledge, then you will be able to resist the devil and he will flee - James 4:7.

How to find knowledge?  The Bible has everything you need. Ask God for wisdom and revelation and HE will help you. It is His will to help you, You are His precious child, it is not His desire that you walk in darkness and ignorance and become easily deceived.  

Also read other books by other men of God and listen to/watch  recordings of sermons. Youtube has loads as well as other websites. I know that you may be sceptical given that some preach heresy, but you can tell if the message is right or not. Again by cross-checking with what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ. Are they teaching about self-aggrandizement or about love? Christianity is very simple, it is essentially a message of LOVE, anything other than that must be scrutinized thoroughly using the Bible.

Above all pray for God to give you discernment, the ability to judge whether what you are hearing is profitable or not. It always takes time and  effort to mine precious gems. And because wisdom/understanding has been compared to rubies, expect it to some time for you to acquire it. Nonetheless our loving father will guide you as you make efforts to know more about Him.

Once again remember ignorance destroys. Get knowledge!

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