Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Unlit Lights

The other day my 3-year old son came to me saying what sounded like “Ifanginess.” Usually he expects me to say the correct word or sentence back. But on this occasion I was confused. 

So I repeated the word back. Unimpressed he said it again, and I helplessly repeated it. After doing this a couple of times, he gave up! It wasn’t until later in the day that I realised the word he was looking for was “Oh my goodness.”

Like me, I think some times as Christians, we fail to give people the answer they are looking for, and instead add to their confusion.

They look to us for love and peace but find we also hate others. They look to Christians to be shining examples of honesty, but we are as fraudulent if not more, than unbelievers. There is hardly any difference between us and those who deny Christ. Just like I disappointed my son with my inability to provide the right answer, we too have disappointed many of these ones who are looking for answers to the questions of life. Indeed because of us, God’s name is been blasphemed by non-Christians – Romans 2:24

We only act as Christians when we are in church, a place where it is not needed. Who puts on his lights during the day? Is light not needed at night time, when it is dark? Same thing with our lives. We need to turn on our lights as Christians in our homes, schools, workplaces, business places, on the streets, ..where ever we find ourselves.

It is possible that we might be the only ones doing it. But we shouldn’t be terrified because of that. God is with us. In the Bible, God tells us 365 times not to fear. These “Fear Nots” were written to encourage us daily to do the right thing. Indeed to know the right thing to do but not do it is sin like James 4:17 says.

Besides all you need is a little candle sometimes to see in the thickest darkness. Little acts of kindness, goodness, honesty, love, patience, forgiveness, etc are things that illuminate the darkness of selfishness, greed, jealousy , and all other forms of godlessness we see around us.

Make no mistake about it, people are desperate for something better. People want things money cannot buy: unconditional love, peace and joy. 

Like my little son, they do not know exactly what it is they are looking for, but as soon as they see it they know. And how will they know if we don’t show them by our behaviour? No amount of preaching or invitation to our church will convince them, if we are no different from them.

Let’s look at our lives. Are we excellent, punctual and hardworking at workplaces, schools or business places? Can our colleagues say good things about us?

What about at home? What will our family say about us?
What about those we employ? Do we treat them the way we treat our children, or do we take advantage of the fact that they are not as privileged as we are?

How do we treat strangers, waiters, bus drivers? Is it with respect, as Christ would?
What about those of other religions? Do you consider yourself too holy to be kind to them? Have you forgotten that God loves them too?

You might be the only chance someone has to know about God. Let’s try to be living epistles, an open Bible, by the way we treat others and the things we do and say.

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