Friday, 13 September 2013

When God seems far away.

When a woman gets pregnant, she often doesn’t feel the baby move for a couple of months. She knows she is pregnant because of the result of a pregnancy test and sometimes some symptoms. However for about four months she doesn’t know how the baby is doing because she can’t feel its movements. A decent mother doesn’t just say, “Oh well, since I can’t feel its movement, then I am not pregnant!”
No she goes on taking care of herself, eating healthy food, taking her Folic acid tablets, doing everything right for the baby who she can’t see or feel yet.  Basically she remains faithful, because she knows in due season, her efforts will be rewarded and she will finally have her baby.

In the same way, we are encouraged not to give up being faithful when God seems far away or is taking too long to answer our prayers. Like a decent mother, we should keep doing the right things and remain positive. In due season, and according to His will, God will appear. And just like a mother quickly forgets all the waiting times, and the pain of labour when her baby arrives, so also will we forget the period of waiting for God.
So I encourage you, wait in anticipation, your God will definitely show up, and your compensation for all those uncertain times will be a reward beyond your imagination.

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