Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Healing for the Broken-Hearted

One of the amazing things I love about God is His accessibility. God is not the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous, or the powerful. He is not only available to those who have gone to religious institutions or the very intelligent. 

God is the God of the poor, the rejected, the confused, the fearful, the abandoned, the broken, the vulnerable, the abused, the scorned, the sinner, the mis-understood, the hungry, the failure, … God is an accessible God!

He doesn’t sit far away, repulsed by our failings or short-comings. No, He is close, closer than than we could ever imagine, begging us to to look to Him for strength and comfort. You see, He won’t force His way into our lives, demanding we follow Him. He respects our free will too much. It is because of His love that He allows us to choose Him. He cannot be a God of Love and yet barge His way into our lives.

No matter what you are going through today, know that God is not far away. He cares deeply about your pain, about your broken heart. Some of us became broken hearted due to events in the past, and these have a way of haunting us. Some of us were sexually abused as children, or rejected/abandoned by those who were supposed to love us. Some of us have been told hurtful and unkind words, and some of us have short-comings and have failed horribly. Perhaps we are not where we hoped we would be and this bothers us and affects our self-esteem.

Listen, God knows everything you have gone through. Like a mother whose heart is touched when her child is ill and nurses him back to health, God too feels your hurts and wants to bind your wounds. You don't have to be all fancy with your words to Him, just speak from your heart, simple honest words. Let Him know how you feel about what you are going through. Be comfortable with Him, He made you, He knows you, He even knows your thoughts before you say them. He wants to hear your voice. 

By speaking those thoughts in your heart, you are expressing your feelings and emotions, draining yourself of pain and hurt, releasing the poison out of you. Don't hold the pain and bitterness in, it will choke you and ruin your relationships with others. Release it, let it go, knowing that God will never get tired of hearing you. 

He is not like a commercial Therapist who has other clients waiting, and charges you by the hour. He is not like your spouse, friend, parent, who also have their own problems. You matter to God, and even if there was only you left, He would run after you. Like the Good Shepherd we read about in Luke 15, He will leave the 99 good sheep, and go after the little 'rebel' who has wandered astray. He could spend an eternity just listening to you, holding your hand, as you pour out your deepest fears, longings, failures and hurts out. He is never tired! Jesus knows what it means to be crushed, He totally understands exactly how you feel, He also felt pain and mistreatment by others. He understands. Please read Hebrews chapter 4:14-16

If you’ve been hurt by others, understand that it was not His will for that to happen. We live in an imperfect world where some people will misuse their free will and hurt others. But if we will turn to God sincerely, He will heal us and make something beautiful out of our mess. I encourage to read more in this article written by Pamela Rose Williams. There are 20 encouraging verses for the broken hearted.

No matter how you feel, you are never alone, "The LORD is near to the broken-hearted and saves the crushed in spirit (Psalms 34:18). If you would call out to Him, He will surely hear and help you.

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