Friday, 14 February 2014

The ‘messiah’ Christian

Some few months ago, I thought I was a messiah. My friend was desperate for a job and I figured it was my duty to help her get one. I encouraged her many times, listened to her, cried with her, prayed with and for her. But the job seemed elusive and I began to feel pressurised.

Because my friend wasn’t a Christian per se, I felt I had given her further reasons not to believe in God. After all didn’t I tell her God would giver her a job? Didn’t I tell her God cared for her more than her own darling father did?

She came close to getting a job a couple of times, but before long it would end in unbelievable disappointment. I didn’t even know how to encourage her anymore. The words sounded hollow, even to me. Didn’t this loving God see how much she needed a job? Why was He so slow to prove Himself as a good God so she could start believing in Him? I felt God had stood me up!

One day at a house fellowship, feeling worried about my friend, I felt this thought deep in my heart, “Tess, quit trying to be her messiah.” I knew it was the Lord asking me to give up my self-appointed role and trust Him and His timing regarding my friend. I had forgotten that he cared about her more than I could ever possibly do.

I did just that. I prayed with my fellowship friends about the situation and left it to God to deal with. Every time my friend came over to talk about the job situation, I would encourage her, but this time with renewed passion. Gradually she became a new person. Instead of being her usual desperate and fearful self, she became more logical, thinking of alternatives, and surprise, surprise, even talking about God! Yes my friend began to see God as her father who would give her the right job at the right time.

Not too long after this, she got a job. It happened so fast and was just what she wanted plus she had more opportunities with it as well. We were beyond excited!

What is my point? God is good! He knows the end from the beginning. There is no need being worried and trying to make things work using our limited human strength & wisdom. Try your best, pray about it and then leave God to sort it out in His way and at His time.

God loves us passionately and everything He does is for our good, even when it doesn’t seem so initially. In my friend’s case, He wanted her to know and trust Him as her loving father first. In the end, she got both spiritual and physical provision. If He had followed our timetable, she would have only gotten physical provision, which is not adequate.

Is there something you are trying or praying really hard about? Remember God wants you to have peace at all times, even in the storm. If you feel yourself becoming agitated and frustrated even after all the prayers and fasting, perhaps it’s because you are trying to be the messiah of the situation at hand. God may just be gently reminding you through this article, 
" My dearest child, quit trying to be the messiah. Let me do it!"

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