Thursday, 24 April 2014

Children: Kill them before they grow!

Keep the parents busy, too busy to take responsibility of bringing up their kids.
Keep the parents misguided by the lure of wealth. 

Keep the parents deceived to think their children need more presents instead of their presence.
Keep the parents deceived into thinking their worth is based on what they have instead of who they are.

Keep the parents deceived to think it is trendy to have paid helpers in the form of nannies, gatemen, drivers as the sole-carers of their kids.
Keep the parents deceived while these carers abuse these kids behind their backs.

Destroy these children while they are young so that it becomes almost impossible for them to be moulded later on in life.
Keep the parents busy while they ‘kill’ their children by their busyness and their shortsightedness.

Friends, its great to have money, there’s nothing wrong in wealth. But if it comes at an expense especially at the cost of our children’s lives and futures, then it is toxic. 

If we continue to pursue and gather money at their expense, that same money will not be enough to pay lawyers fees when they become involved in crime. 

It will not be enough for psychiatrist’s fees, it will not be enough to cover the cost of travelling to and fro, looking for help. And even if it is enough, because you have acquired so much, that money will not be enough to soothe your regrets and anger. 

I don't write this with a smug on my face, neither do I feel better than anyone. I write this for me also, to remind each of us parents that we are caretakers of God's most precious gifts-our children. Like everything He gives us, we will give an account of how we handled them. Make no mistake about it, the enemy wants to destroy your child. Don't give him the opportunity to succeed.

May God Almighty continue to strengthen us and give us wisdom to be good parents. Amen.

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  1. Amen!! Bringing up children is a huge responsibility and one which God trusts us with. Its a priviledge being a parent and one we should not take for granted.


  2. Hello Fola dear! Welcome back. How is the little bambino doing? And how are YOU doing? I trust you both are well. I'm very happy to have you back. Give baby kisses and hugs for me please. God bless you real good dear.

  3. Thank you Sis! Baby came three weeks ago and she is doing great. I trust you are doing well too and the little one too. I have sooooo missed your blog and its great to be back and catch up with all that I have missed. Thanks for all the inspiring articles, God bless you richly.